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Tracking Software for Educators

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Fitness File, our free software for teachers, makes tracking your students’ progress and administering the Physical Fitness Test* a breeze. Fitness File is:

  • Useful: Instructors can enter students’ Physical Fitness Test* scores, keep track of the tests they administer to different grades and classes, and generate reports of student scores and other data.
  • Simple: It’s easy to download and use, so you can spend more time helping kids get fit!
  • Rewarding: Your students will be eligible for our three awards, and you’ll help them develop healthy habits for a lifetime.
  • FREE: Need we say more?

How to Get Fitness File

Your President’s Challenge coordinator—the administrator or teacher who serves as a liaison between your school and our staff—will use our online coordinator tools to create Fitness File accounts for the instructors at your school. Each instructor will then receive an e-mail with easy-to-follow instructions for downloading and accessing Fitness File.*

The Fitness File software integrates seamlessly with our online tools so coordinators can create new Fitness File accounts at any time and can reassign existing accounts to other instructors as necessary.

* The Physical Fitness Test will no longer be available after the 2012–2013 school year. Get up to speed with the new health-based assessment from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program now! As with the Physical Fitness Test, Fitness File will no longer be available after the 2012–2013 school year. We recommend you download your data from the Fitness File software now, so you won’t have to worry about inaccessible data later. 

If you’re an instructor, contact your coordinator for help accessing Fitness File.

PYFP Program

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“Make the switch to the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which has replaced the old fitness test. Find out how to implement the new program now!”