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Who Can Participate

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Anyone Who Wants to Be Healthy, That’s Who!

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Eat Healthy

Sharing is caring. Restaurant meals often contain enough food for two or three people, so why not split a meal with your friends? (Courtesy of We Can!)

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The President’s Challenge is for everyone. Really. Truly. All ages and all abilities are welcome here.

All you need is a desire to get active (or increase your current activity level) and eat healthy, or a desire to help America’s kids get stronger and healthier. Now more than ever, we all need some incentive to make physical activity and healthy eating a part of our daily routine, and the President’s Challenge is where you’ll get it.

Educators, homeschoolers, kids and adults with disabilities, and people and groups who want to be active and healthy—simply take a look at our challenges, and see which one will work best for you or your students.

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PYFP Program

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“Make the switch to the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which has replaced the old fitness test. Find out how to implement the new program now!”


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