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Who Can Participate

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Students with Disabilities

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The President’s Challenge is for kids of all abilities. With a little consideration and flexibility, any student can participate in any of our challenges.

We encourage our instructors to make accommodations for all students to participate in our challenges. It's a great way to get them started and stay motivated for a lifeltime of physical activity.

Now Available: A New Assessment from the
Presidential Youth Fitness Program  

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program has adopted the FITNESSGRAM®, a comprehensive fitness assessment. What does this mean for you? You can now administer this assessment and access instructions and program standards for FREE! PYFP has worked to ensure that you have the resources needed to be successful in promoting lifelong physical activity. Tools are available for administering to and scoring students with disabilities. Learn more today.

Fitness and Good Health for All

Instructors are encouraged to use their professional judgment to allow students with disabilities to earn President's Challenge awards, even if they do not reach our standards. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Review the student’s records to identify medical, orthopedic, or other health issues that should be considered before participating in physical activities including physical fitness testing.
  2. Determine whether the student has a disability or other issue that adversely affects performance on one or more Presidential Youth Fitness Program activities.
  3. Consider whether the student has been participating in an appropriate physical fitness program that develops and maintains cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition.
  4. Administer the challenge, making modifications as needed or substituting alternate activities.
  5. After completing the challenge, decide if the student has performed at a level equivalent to a President’s Challenge award.

If you have questions about these guidelines, please contact us. We want all students to be active!



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