Official Newsletter of the President's Challenge


Go on a Geocaching Adventure!

Fall is a great time to get outdoors and try something new! A modern take on the treasure hunt, geocaching is a fun and interesting outdoor activity that incorporates the use of a Global Positioning System, or GPS (which can be found on most smart phones today), to find "caches" left all over the world! This is a great activity to do alone, with family, friends or even students!

"Caches" are typically small containers or trinkets that are camouflaged to fit in with their surroundings, and packed with a log containing the names of those who have found the treasure previously. Though most caches are small, they can be found in just about any size and in any location (even in locations that you pass every day) making the thrill of the hunt that much more exciting! Did we mention that many of the geocache treasures contain a set of clues? Most hunts aren't as easy as just following a set of coordinates; you may need to tap into your inner Indiana Jones to solve a puzzle! What a great way to stretch your legs and your mind!

What do you need to get started on your next geocaching adventure?

  1. GPS: A handheld GPS or smartphone app on an Android or iPhone will be necessary.
  2. A geocache account – you can find caches for free on
  3. Water and a comfortable pair of shoes! Some adventures will send you on a hike, so it's important to always have water on hand to stay hydrated and a pair tennis or hiking shoes to reduce the impact on your body and reduce the risk of injuries.
  4. A secret treasure. One rule of geocaching is that if you take something from the cache, you must replace it with another item of equal (or greater) value. You want to ensure that the next person to discover the cache finds something equally as exciting!

Happy hunting!
For a quick tutorial on the basics of geocaching, check out this video from

Earn points for the PALA Challenge – Though geocaching is not listed as a trackable activity, you can earn points for your adventures by entering in your activity as hiking or walking. Just be sure to note how long you walked and the intensity level!