Official Newsletter of the President's Challenge


Participant Spotlight

Michele Mulligan

michele_after michele_before Michele Mulligan learned about the President's Challenge at work-where her civilian co-workers at the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) enjoy participating together in the President's Challenge. After a partial knee replacement surgery and developing blot clots in both lungs, Michele decided to commit to a healthier lifestyle and began logging her activities and eating habits at the President's Challenge website. With advice from her doctor, support from friends and family, and motivation from President's Challenge, Michele combined physical therapy, swimming, spin class, personal training, walking, and a weight regimen to lose over sixty pounds in one year. During this time, she worked out both alone and with others. Taking exercise and healthy eating one day at a time, Michelle kept focused on recognizing "What is good for [her]." She just completed her first 10k run in Richmond, Virginia and is signed up to participate in a 5k too. Since becoming more active, she has more energy and feels alert. Michele' advice for someone who wants to adopt healthy habits is to, "work hard, own it, take one step at a time, develop a great support group, and know in your heart and soul, that you deserve only the best."

Advocate of the Month

Yoga Fit

instructor_emblem September is National Yoga Month and a great time to try this mind-body discipline. YogaFit, one of our many President's Challenge advocates, is an education company and the largest yoga fitness school in North America. YogaFit promotes health and wellness, both physically and mentally, for Americans through fitness, yoga and related mind-body disciplines. YogaFit believes in conscious business and real yoga for real people. Their mission is to bring healing to the masses.