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First Lady Michelle Obama Parent Advice: In Getting Active, Don't Be Afraid to Be Silly

In response to a question on Twitter, First Lady Michelle Obama shared her advice with a new mom who wanted to know how to make sure her daughter grew up finding fitness fun.

Here's a tip: Find what they like & don't be afraid to be silly, i.e. #momdancing #AskFLOTUS

This is great advice for National Humor Month! #momdancing is a reference to Michelle Obama's recent visit with comedian Jimmy Falon. Chances are that you've already seen the very popular video, which has over 15 million views on YouTube-it's a great example of how staying active doesn't have to be boring. There are so many ways to have fun and loosen up about staying in shape. Some more ideas are suggested below:

Dance Yoga

Laughter Yoga

Drum A Dance

Hula Hooping

Circus Tricks

We Can! Fun and Humorous PSAs Challenge Your Kids to Make Healthy Choices

Looking for inspiration on how to help your family eat right and move more? Check out these new public service announcements, designed to help parents think of fun and sometimes humorous ways to challenge their kids to make healthy choices.

One PSA, titled "All In Together," encourages families to make family time healthy time and find fun ways to get healthy together. Two Spanish-language PSAs encourage parents and caregivers to challenge their kids to make healthy choices.

The PSAs are part of the Obesity Prevention in Children Campaign, a multimedia public service announcement campaign, created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), NIH's

We Can! (Ways to Enhance Children's Activity & Nutrition)® program and the Ad Council, to encourage parents and caregivers to help children maintain a healthy weight by highlighting the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating habits in a fun and engaging way for the whole family.

To view the videos and find additional information about the PSAs, go to

To view the Spanish-language PSAs, go to