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Encouraging Students

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Kids thrive on praise. Sprinkle phrases like “Good job!” “Way to go!” and “You can do it, I know you can!” throughout your day to students who are making behavior changes—because this kind of encouragement builds self-confidence and gets results.

At the President’s Challenge, we’ve taken this principle to heart. We offer a range of awards to recognize students who make physical activity and healthy eating a part of their everyday lives. We believe you shouldn’t have to be a P.E. prodigy to get some recognition. For more information about physical activity guidelines check out the Youth Physical Activity Guidelines toolkit.

Need a little help identifying sources to support the purchase of student recognition items?  Check out the PYFP Fundraising Tips.

PYFP Program

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“Make the switch to the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which has replaced the old fitness test. Find out how to implement the new program now!”


Physical Fitness National Awards

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President’s Challenge awards and sportswear are great rewards for hard work.

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