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Encouraging Employees

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We want to help you create a healthy workplace. After all, employees who sign up for the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge or Presidential Champions challenge will experience benefits that spill over into all areas of their lives, making them happier, healthier, and more productive.

If your organization has started a fitness plan through the President’s Challenge, way to go! Here are some ways to inspire your employees to get moving in the right direction.

Make Physical Activity More Convenient

  • Install bike racks at your building.
  • Recommend walking/running routes.
  • Arrange for free in-office health screenings.
  • Make work schedules as flexible as possible so employees can get a workout in before, during, or after traditional work hours.

Make Physical Activity More Interesting

  • Set up groups so employees can track their progress together.
  • Hold informational seminars about fitness topics.
  • Bring in guest speakers.
  • Set goals (such as the number of employees or departments involved).

Make Physical Activity More Affordable

  • Negotiate discounts for a local fitness center or class.
  • Reimburse part of employees’ fitness expenses.
  • Organize free on-site physical activity and fitness events.

Make Physical Activity More Rewarding

  • Pay for awards your employees earn.
  • Give away water bottles or T-shirts for participation.
  • Throw a party (with healthy snacks, of course!) for everyone who reaches a goal.
  • Award gift certificates for President’s Challenge merchandise.

Make Eating Well the Thing to Do

  • Provide healthy foods when serving refreshments to employees.
  • Stock vending machines with healthy snacks and beverages.
  • Establish a kitchen area that gives employees an appealing place to store and prepare healthy meals while working.
  • Reward employees for meeting healthy eating goals set by the PALA challenge.

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President’s Challenge awards and sportswear are great rewards for hard work.

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