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Benefits of Being Fit & Eating Well

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The human body was designed for activity, and by exercising regularly and making smart food choices, you’ll look and feel better—every day.

Remember, fitness is about improving muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory strength and endurance, and flexibility through regular physical activity. That even includes things like walking the dog, raking leaves, or playing tag with the kids. Fueling your body with the right foods is also a must.

Why Are Staying Active and Eating Well So Important?

Because the results are amazing:

A healthy heart
Regular physical activity and a healthy diet can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels and can reduce the risk of illnesses such as type 2 diabetes or heart disease.
Strong bones
Exercise, combined with fat-free or low-fat dairy products and other foods rich in calcium, is necessary to build strong, healthy bones and can help slow the bone loss associated with getting older.
A sense of well-being
Being in good shape can give you more energy, reduce anxiety and depression, improve self-esteem, and help you better manage stress.
A good social life
Staying active is a great way to have fun, make new friends, and spend quality time with family.
Looking and feeling better
You look better when you’re in shape and eating right. Staying active helps you tone muscles and improve your posture. Both moving more and eating healthy are important to maintaining a healthy weight.

Get Started—Right Now!

If you’re reading this, you’re already on your way to a healthier you. Now, just do a little follow-through. Create an account with the President’s Challenge, and then choose a challenge. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to physical activity or an Ironman competitor—we have a program for you.

The time is now. You’ll notice the difference right away, in your body and your mind.

Start PALA today!

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Make physical activity and eating well part of your everyday life. Start the PALA challenge!

8 Ways to Eat Healthy

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Start eating better today! Check out our eight simple tips.