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How do you like to get fit? Want to add a new activity to your repertoire? This is where you’ll find great information about a variety of physical activities, with suggestions on how to get started and training tips. Stay tuned for more activities in the months ahead.


Hit the open road, but be safe about it! Make the most of your riding time by following these tips.

For Beginners
  1. Inspect your bike. Make sure it’s in good working condition by inflating the tires, inspecting the tread and brake pads for wear, and checking for loose or broken parts.
  2. Wear a helmet. No matter how far you plan to ride, you should always wear a helmet. Make sure it fits snugly on top of your head, not tipped back.
  3. Be seen. If you’re going to ride in low-visibility conditions, use lights and reflective clothing—we want motorists to see you! Make sure you know and follow the laws in your area about riding at night.
For Experienced Riders
  1. Eat well. On long rides, your body needs more energy than it can store, so be sure to eat before and during the ride.
  2. Stay hydrated. Bottoms up! Fluids are crucial to performance. During the ride, drink at regular intervals and be sure to drink before you get thirsty.
  3. Alternate riding positions. Keeping your arms and legs in the same position for long periods can lead to tightness and fatigue. Combine sitting and standing during climbs to stretch and work different muscle groups.
  4. Don’t forget your helmet. Experienced riders get in accidents, too. Even if you ride mistake-free, you might wreck because of road conditions, mechanical problems, or the  actions of others. Better safe than sorry!
For Families
  1. Make sure they’re ready. Once kids can hold their heads up, it’s okay for them to join you on a ride. Kids should ride in a trailer until they can ride a bike themselves.
  2. Always wear helmets. Kids and adults should always wear helmets whenever they ride, even short distances.
  3. Know the rules. Once kids learn how to balance and pedal, they need to learn the rules of riding. Teach them to ride straight and to watch for pedestrians and traffic.

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