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Presidential Youth Fitness Program

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Information about the President's Challenge Program transition

Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP)

PYFP Program

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program is a free program developed to ensure what happens before, during, and after the fitness assessment is beneficial for students and teachers and leads to youth who are active for life.

PYFP provides a model for fitness education within a comprehensive, quality physical education program. The program provides resources and tools for physical educators to enhance their fitness education process. This includes:

  • FITNESSGRAM® health-related fitness assessment
  • Instructional strategies to promote student physical activity and fitness
  • Communication tools to help physical educators increase awareness about their work in the classroom
  • Options to recognize fitness and physical activity achievements

The PYFP has replaced the President’s Challenge Youth Fitness Test to emphasize the role of schools in promoting the health and well being of ALL students.

The President’s Challenge provides the Presidential Youth Fitness Program award and recognition items, including apparel and instructional aides for you, the physical educator. Options include certificates for students in grades K-3 who have "joined" the PYFP Fitness Club and Presidential Youth Fitness Awards for students in grades 4-12.

PYFP Fitness Club for Students in Grades K-3

PYFP Award

The new PYFP Fitness Club provides you with materials to help students in grades K-3 learn about the FITNESSGRAM® test items and earn recognition for their accomplishments all while having fun.

A teacher instruction sheet identifies the testing cues a student must follow in order to check-off each health-related fitness test you select. FITNESSGRAM® tests include the:

PYFP Award

  • Powerful PACER
  • Balanced Body Composition
  • Terrific Trunk Lift
  • Perfect Push-Up
  • Stretchy Sit and Reach

A colorful classroom poster with test descriptions allows students to track their own progress. Once students have checked all boxes (it may take multiple attempts or a few years for them to get there), a certificate can be awarded to recognize their accomplishment!

Presidential Youth Fitness Award for Students in Grades 4-12

PYFP Award

Most students who are physically active every day will be able to achieve a score that puts them in the Healthy Fitness Zone®. For students in grades 4-12, this not only helps promote health, it also helps them earn a Presidential Youth Fitness Award. A student who scores in the Healthy Fitness Zone® (HFZ) in at least five test categories of the FITNESSGRAM® assessment is eligible to receive the Presidential Youth Fitness Award.

The free FITNESSGRAM® scoresheet can help you track students’ progress towards earning the award or the PYFA Report in the FITNESSGRAM® can do that work for you.

Already doing FitnessGram? Recognize your students with the Presidential Youth Fitness Program

Your students can receive Presidential recognition through the Presidential Youth Fitness Program (PYFP), the national fitness education and assessment program. Through this free program, schools have access to tools to promote excellence in physical education through quality fitness education and assessment practices. Your students will be proud to receive their awards.

If your school is already using FitnessGram® testing protocols, it’s easy! FitnessGram is the adopted assessment of the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. Any student in grades 4-12 who achieves the Healthy Fitness Zone in at least 5 testing categories is eligible for the Presidential Youth Fitness Award. Students in grades K-3 can join the Fitness Club by completing the assessment items.

PYFP Fundraising Tips

Need help finding resources to support your PYFP awards? Check out our tip sheet for some great ideas.  Don't forget our PYFP grant opportunities for your school.  Visit the PYFP website to see what's available.



PALA+ can be used as an alternative to the Presidential Youth Fitness Award. With PALA+, you can recognize student achievement of physical activity and nutrition goals while they are learning about their health-related fitness through FITNESSGRAM®.

The daily activity and nutrition goals encourage the development of healthy habits. Students are recognized every step of the way as they achieve their personal best for lifelong health and fitness. Find out more information

Learn more about the Presidential Youth Fitness Program at
For information about awards, visit our shop.
The President’s Challenge
1185 W. 2nd Street
Bloomington, IN 47403-2160


Applications Now Open!

The Presidential Youth Fitness Program funding opportunity

Apply today to receive up to $2,000 in support for PYFP materials for the 2016-2017 school year.

Applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Create an account to apply today!