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Physical Fitness Test

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Today more than ever, our students need help leading active, healthy lives. That’s where educators come in. They’re on the front lines of fitness, working to teach our kids the fundamentals of healthy living.

The President’s Challenge wants to help. We created the Physical Fitness Test* as a tool to help educators bring out the best in their students.

Awards for Everyone

The Physical Fitness Test* recognizes students for their level of physical fitness in five activities:

  • Curl-ups (or partial curl-ups)
  • Shuttle run
  • Endurance run/walk
  • Pull-ups (or right angle push-ups or flexed-arm hang)
  • V-sit reach (or sit and reach)

We know that just completing all five activities is an accomplishment. To celebrate this fitness feat, we offer three awards for students, based on their scores.

* The Physical Fitness Test will no longer be available after the 2012–2013 school year. Get up to speed with the new health-based assessment from the Presidential Youth Fitness Program now! As with the Physical Fitness Test, Fitness File will no longer be available after the 2012–2013 school year. We recommend you download your data from the Fitness File software now, so you won’t have to worry about inaccessible data later.

Introducing the New Health-Based Program

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The Physical Fitness Test is no longer available. Implement the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program at your school today!


Physical Fitness National Awards

Ready, set, reward!

President’s Challenge awards and sportswear are great rewards for hard work.

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