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We’ll Help You Meet Your Physical Activity and Fitness Goals

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Information about the President's Challenge Program transition

The President’s Challenge has motivated millions—millions!—of people to get fit, to feel better about themselves, and to lead active lifestyles.

The President’s Challenge is for everyone: fitness beginners, weekend warriors, athletes, physical education teachers, and kids. We take staying active beyond the school gym, and into everyday life.

Our challenges are designed to help improve anyone’s activity level. Young or old. It’s about choosing to live healthier—and finding things you really like to do.

One of our challenges will fit you or your students’ lives:

So choose the challenge that’s right for you, sign up, and then get moving!

PYFP Program

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“Make the switch to the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program, which has replaced the old fitness test. Find out how to implement the new program now!”


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