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Presidential Champions

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Getting Started

Way to go! You’re ready to start the Presidential Champions challenge. Here’s what you or your students need to do after signing up:

1. Choose activities.

Pretty much any physical activity that uses large muscle groups and burns energy will earn you points. Go for a run. Play golf. Take a karate class. Walk the dog. They’re all on the list of activities. Remember, you can join Presidential Champions by yourself or with a group of friends.

2. Get active.

You’ll earn points for every activity you log, and these points are based on the amount of energy each activity burns. So the more active you are, the more points you’ll get. The first award is the bronze, and that takes 40,000 points. With our point system, if you run 5 miles every day, you can reach that amount in about six weeks. Of course, more moderate activities will take a little longer.

3. Log your activities.

Our free online activity tracker makes it easy for you to tally the time you spend on activities. You can log your time as often as you want, in amounts as short as 5 minutes. Accumulating your activities in periods of 10 minutes or more is even better. You can also log your distance for some activities, like bicycling, or your pedometer steps.

4. Order your award.

Our activity tracker is so smart, it will let you know when you reach your goal and that it’s time to order your award. But don’t stop there—you can continue earning Presidential Champions awards. Why not strive for the ultimate—our Platinum Award?

What are you waiting for? Start the Presidential Champions challenge today!

Presidential Champions for Kids

Educators, this is a great program for kids. Here’s what you can do to start the challenge at your school:

  • Explain the goals, and why staying active is so important.
  • Encourage your students by giving them flexibility in choosing their activities, and by ordering awards to be handed out in a public way (maybe at the end of class?).
  • Track their progress. Students can use our online activity log, and you can create a Presidential Champions group for your students.

Presidential Champions for Groups

Make your group, organization, or workplace activity-friendly—start the Presidential Champions challenge! Here’s how:

  • Make the case for fitness and why staying active is important to everyone’s health.
  • Recruit members: co-workers, neighbors, family members—any group that wants to get moving and get fit.
  • Start a group so members can log their activities online and you can track their progress.
  • Encourage your members along the way, and order awards to celebrate their success!