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Physical Fitness Test Awards

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Hooray for kids!

It takes guts and determination to compete in the five activities of the President’s Challenge Physical Fitness Test.* These students are really testing their limits, and we’re proud of them. That’s why the President’s Challenge offers awards for students at all levels of fitness.

Presidential Physical Fitness Award
Wow! These kids are seriously fit! This award recognizes students who achieve an outstanding level of physical fitness. To earn this award, students must score at or above the 85th percentile on all five activities, based on our award benchmarks.
National Physical Fitness Award
Impressive! These kids clearly have a great fundamental level of fitness. Students earn this award for scoring above the 50th percentile on all five activities, based on our award benchmarks.
Participant Physical Fitness Award
Woo hoo! There’s room for improvement, but these students showed great heart. Students earn this award if they participate in all five activities, and one or more of their scores fall below the 50th percentile.

Way to go, students! (And good job, teachers!)

Awards and recognition items for the physical fitness test will continue to be available for schools at this time although we are no longer supporting the test, including the Fitness File software. We highly encourage all schools to make the transition to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. And take a look at the new awards!

Introducing the New Health-Based Program

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The Physical Fitness Test is no longer available. Implement the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program at your school today!


Physical Fitness National Awards

Ready, set, reward!

President’s Challenge awards and sportswear are great rewards for hard work.

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