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Awards for Everyone: Students, Schools, and You

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Eat Healthy

Chips are yummy, but eating a fruit cup or veggies instead will make your meal a lot healthier.

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Were you out there being active five days a week for six weeks? Did you meet your healthy eating goals for six weeks? We’ve got an award for that. Educators, what about your students? Are you teaching them to eat right and be active every day? We’ve got an award for that, too.

At the President’s Challenge, we’re firm believers in the power of praise. And you don’t have to be a fitness and nutrition superstar to earn it either. After all, a little activity every day and better food choices go a long way to improve your health and well-being. We offer awards for every level of physical activity and fitness—because we know you’re working hard.

Ready, Set, Reward!

We make it easy to reward yourself or your students.

  • If you’re a Presidential Champions participant, treat yourself to a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award or a celebratory T-shirt.
  • Active Lifestylers, we’ve got awards and T-shirts for you too.
  • Is your school a PYFP school? Find out today! If your school meets all the requirements to be recognized as a PYFP school, download your FREE participation certificate to share with your school and your community.

Check out the variety of awards and fitness gear in our Shop! (And be sure to pat yourself on the back, too!)

Awards and recognition items for the physical fitness test will continue to be available for schools for a limited time although we are no longer supporting the test, including the Fitness File software. We highly encourage all schools to make the transition to the Presidential Youth Fitness Program. And take a look at the new awards!

Introducing the New Health-Based Program

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The Physical Fitness Test is no longer available. Implement the new health-based Presidential Youth Fitness Program at your school today!


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New gear is a great incentive to
eat better and get moving!

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