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Questions? Comments? Enthusiastic praise? Whatever you want to tell or ask us, we’re all ears. Here’s how to reach us.


1-800-258-8146 (toll free)

Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time


Platinum Awards and Information

Send us a message if you’re having problems claiming or receiving your Presidential Champion Platinum Award or find your name missing from the Platinum awards site. We want to make sure that you’re recognized for your effort and those 1 million points! 

PALA Award and Information

Kids, teens, adults—tracking your progress toward the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award is a great way to help everyone commit to daily physical activity and making healthier food choices.Let us know if you need help with the PALA+ program. 

Please note that the PALA program uses strict date, nutrition, and activity guidlines. If these guidlines are not followed completely, the system will require you to start over. Please do not get frustrated! You can use our paper log or you can send your log to the e-mail below with your information and username. We will get your award added. We understand this is an issue and we are working hard to solve this problem.

Customer Support Information

Customer support will assist you in understanding and deciding between challenges, awards, and resources. If you have any issue with an order we're here to help. Our door is always open! For any additional information e-mail us at

Technical Suppport Information

Please contact tech support if you are having trouble creating an account, tracking your progress, purchasing awards, or with any other feature of the website. Please e-mail us at

Advocate Infomation

Partner with us as an Advocate to increase participation in the President’s Challenge through your government, corporate, educational, non-profit, or scientific organization. For any additional information e-mail us at or visit our advocate area of the site Advocates

Organization Information

Be active and social at the same time! Organize your co-workers, community members, or family and friends into a group for fun and inspiration. Work together to earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) or to become Presidential Champions. If you would like to start an organization please login to the account that you will use to administer the organization and groups.  Click on "Groups," then choose "Start an Organization" and fill out the form.  You can also directly access the form here

Fitness Is Fun Newsletter and Information

Give us your feedback and story ideas for the President’s Challenge monthly Fitness Is Fun newsletter. We’re happy to provide any information you need about what we do here at the President’s Challenge. Please e-mail us at


The President’s Challenge
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